‘Naturally’ sweetened and without refined sugar
Billy’s Farm is the brand for tasty organic cookies, sweetened with syrups made from grain and fruit, creating a natural flavour. The collection of Billy’s Farm is often suitable for people with allergies. “Our cookies are a natural delicious snack!”

Our bakery only contains carefully selected vegetable raw materials. All cookies are 100% organic and the entire Billy’s Farm collection has the Vegan quality mark. Our cookies are suitable for people with milk or egg allergies. Also for a Vegan lifestyle.


The entire assortment of Billy’s Farm has the European organic logo. This means that the ingredients come from organic farming and are checked for this by the Dutch organic control SKAL. This is sustainable and fits in a environmentally conscious lifestyle. We agree with this: organic is simply better!

Bakery Billy's Farm


Our flour comes directly from the mill because this is the best way to preserve the flavour, colour and structure. We usually opt for whole grain, pure ground grain packed with fiber. Each type of grain has specific fibres and nutrients with various characteristics. That is why we use several types of grains for our cookies.

But why does the packaging say ‘Spelt(WHEAT)flour’?
Spelt, kamut and durum grains come from the wheat family. It has become legally obliged to mention this origin in the ingredient declaration. This does not mean that wheat grain has been used in the products, but that the correct legal requirements have been applied to the packaging.

Palmoil – RSPO certified
Some of our cookies are baked in unhardened RSPO certified palm oil. It contains a lot of vitamin E which prevents oxidation and the creation of free fatty acids. It is an ideal ingredient for baking because it can be heated well without causing harmful substances.




What means RSPO certified?
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is an organisation that ensures that plantations do not expand at the expense of the tropic rain forests and areas with high bio diversity. We are also RSPO cerfified and use only sustainable palm oil.

Coconut oil
The other part of the cookies is baked in non-hydrogenated coconut oil. This contains, among other things, medium-chain saturated fats. These are absorbed faster and only used for burning and not stored as fat reserve. Thanks to the medium-chain of saturated fats in coconut oil, the oil does not increase cholesterol. Coconut oil is also stable when heated, precisely because of the saturated fatty acids.

Because we and the conscious consumers are increasingly opting for coconut oil, we use less and less palm oil every year. Despite the fact that we opt for sustainable palm oil, we also ensure a reduction in our palm oil use in this way. We are not for a world without palm oil, but for a world with less palm oil, so that it can be done responsibly and is always of sustainable origin.


Our bakery has a hygiene code certificate. This hygiene code is a food safety plan. It describes how certain foods and drinks should be prepared, processed, treated, packaged, transported, distributed and sold hygienically.

Our bakery successfully passed this stringent inspection: this is a guarantee for consumers that the delicious cookies of Billy’s Farm are prepared according to the requirements of the hygiene code.

Bakery Billy's Farm

Origin of the family business

Origin of the family business

Around 1985 Billy’s Farm was established by Klaas Bil under the name Bill’s Natuurbakkerij (Bill’s Natural Bakery). Klaas has always been a baker with a great passion for baking cookies. The first cookies were baked in the 1980s in a farm near Oudkerk along the Elfsteden route in Friesland. This first product of the bakery was the well-known Muesli cookie, a product that has hardly changed over the years and is still very popular among consumers. The family plays an important role in the bakery. Family members were always working in the bakery in order to deliver the healthy and delicious cookies of Billy’s Farm to the stores.

The brothers Guido & Sander Bil – sons of founder Klaas Bil – are the second generation of the company, since 2018. The mission and vision of the brothers? The bakery wants to move with the time and implement this in its products. That is why new ingredients are always added to the recipes, so that the cookies will fit with the modern lifestyle. A perfect method of preparation and good baking process are always the number one priority. Our traditional quality is always the basis!


Vegan certificate

Certificate Foodbase

Certificate RSPO

Certificate SKAL